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How Much Commission Do We Share with Buyers?

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Get a Rebate - Up to 1% Back!

Why use another agent when DISCOUNT-REALTOR® can provide you with the SAME full-service buying services - and also give you a rebate on your purchase?

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When we represent you in the purchase of a new or existing Peoria-area home, we can give you a rebate at closing of up to 1% of the sales price!

Examples of How Much a DISCOUNT-REALTOR® Broker Can Share with the Buyers We Represent!
Purchase Price  Your Rebate!
$100,000 Up to $1,000!
$200,000 Up to $2,000!
$300,000  Up to $3,000!
$400,000  Up to $4,000!
$500,000  Up to $5,000!
$600,000 Up to $6,000!
$700,000  Up to $7,000!
$800,000 Up to $8,000!
$900,000  Up to $9,000!
$1,000,000 Up to $10,000!

The commission we share with the buyers we represent typically depends on:

  • The total commission offered by the seller to buyer agents
  • The purchase price of the home
  • The total amount of time our buyer agent represents a buyer through closing
  • Any limitations imposed by lenders and/or applicable law

* Buyer’s agent commission of 3% assumed in above example. Cash rebate amount varies by the commission offered to buyer brokers. REALTOR® bonuses, prizes, etc. in excess of the base commission offered to buyer agents are typically not shared with our clients. DISCOUNT-REALTOR®‘s minimum share of any commission offered to buyer brokers is typically the greater of $1,750 or 1.75% of the final sales price. Amounts and terms subject to change without notice. Terms and conditions apply.

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