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Satisfied Customers’ Testimonials

Just some of the testimonials and reviews from DISCOUNT-REALTOR®‘s many satisfied customers…

DISCOUNT-REALTOR® put over $15,000 back in our pocket with the sale of one home and purchase of another! Our agent was experienced and personable, and we have recommended him to others. We give an A+ review to DISCOUNT-REALTOR® and would definitely use this service again!

Ron and Sanjam, Mason, OH

The agent who helped us sell our home did a great job. We saved over $20,000 in real estate commissions!

Jack and Barbara, Las Colinas, TX

My thanks to DISCOUNT-REALTOR® for helping me save over $3,600 on the sale of my home! I have been a commercial real estate broker for over 35 years, so I wanted to work with a residential agent who demonstrated competence and market knowledge. DISCOUNT-REALTOR® introduced me to such an agent who did a great job for me and also discounted his commission! I highly recommend DISCOUNT-REALTOR®!

Neal, Charlottesville, VA

DISCOUNT-REALTOR® is such a great service! They connected me with a great, experienced REALTOR® who drastically cut his listing commission to save me nearly $3,000 on the sale of my home! Everyone should use DISCOUNT-REALTOR® — otherwise, they are throwing away money!

Lyal, Spokane Valley, WA

Thanks to DISCOUNT-REALTOR® for connecting me with a great, knowledgeable, experienced agent who helped me sell my family’s home quickly and saved us over $5500 in commissions! I wholeheartedly recommend DISCOUNT-REALTOR® to anyone selling or buying a home!

Eduardo, Norco, CA

DISCOUNT-REALTOR® helped put $3,250 in MY pocket when I used their professional, experienced real estate broker to buy a home! This is such a valuable service, and I would strongly recommend DISCOUNT-REALTOR® to anyone buying a home!

Dan, Bluffton, SC

Thanks to DISCOUNT-REALTOR® and the great, experienced, full-service broker in their network, I saved nearly $4,000 with the sale of my home! I have already used DISCOUNT-REALTOR® twice –- in two different states — and wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone selling or buying a home throughout the U.S.!

Douglas, Jacksonville, FL

What a great service! Thanks to you, DISCOUNT-REALTOR®, we got a rebate of more than $2700 when we used your experienced and competent agent to buy a home! Your agent was outstanding to work with! We would definitely recommend DISCOUNT-REALTOR® to anyone buying a home!

Larry, Waddell, AZ

My full-service REALTOR® rebated a large portion of his commission to me – putting over $2400 back in my pocket – when I purchased an investment property with him! I look forward to continuing a win-win relationship with this agent! Thank you, DISCOUNT-REALTOR®!

Feng-Yen, Rockville, MD

My full-service REALTOR® saved me over $3,600 on the sale of my investment condominium! And, it sold super fast, too! Thank you, DISCOUNT-REALTOR®!

Debbie, Treasure Island, FL

Using DISCOUNT-REALTOR® was such a wonderful and pleasant experience! They connected me with an extremely competent, experienced, efficient, and friendly agent who was easy to work with (we had a great rapport), who helped me sell my home in just two weeks AND saved me $2,600 in commissions! I highly recommend DISCOUNT-REALTOR®!

Marge, Cape Coral, FL

We got better service and advice from our DISCOUNT-REALTOR® agent than any other agent we had used before! Best of all, we walked away from closing with a lot of money in our pockets! We recommend DISCOUNT-REALTOR® to all our friends.

Marlo, Dallas, TX

Very impressed. We interviewed other agents who wanted a higher commission. DISCOUNT-REALTOR® put us in contact with an agent with a much lower commission who also listed our home at a price above what the others suggested. The house sold in 5 days, cash offer. Overall, we’re over $4,200 richer because of DISCOUNT-REALTOR®!

Carter, Lincoln, NE

A big thank you to DISCOUNT-REALTOR® for connecting us with a wonderful listing agent who is a go-getter, works hard, and is one of the best real estate agents I’ve ever worked with (and we’ve previously sold six other homes)! AND, she also discounted her commission to save us nearly $1,500 on the sale of our home!

Bryce, Edmond, OK

Thanks to DISCOUNT-REALTOR® for connecting us with such a wonderful, professional, and experienced agent who gave us great full service and also put over $3,400 back in our pockets by sharing his commission with us!

Suresh, Boise, ID

Working with DISCOUNT-REALTOR® was such a great experience! I reached out to multiple organizations, and DISCOUNT-REALTOR® was the first to get back with me – in just 15 minutes after I filled out their online form! They connected me with a wonderful, experienced, full-service agent in my area who did a great job, helped me with everything related to the sale of my home AND saved me nearly $2,000 in commissions! I would gladly recommend my agent to other sellers and buyers. Thank you, DISCOUNT-REALTOR®!

Brian, Lakeland, FL

Thank you, DISCOUNT-REALTOR®, for connecting us with such a great and experienced real estate broker who helped us sell our condo in just one week and saved us over $2,800 in real estate commissions!

Brian, Mill Creek, WA

I just wanted you to know how happy I was with the service I received from both DISCOUNT-REALTOR® and the broker you provided to me. He was very professional and attentive, and we found a house and closed all in only about a month. And, thank you for pairing me with just the right person to do the job representing me as a BUYER, rather than the seller as is the usual case….and, of course, the commission rebate was icing on the cake! Thanks again. I would whole-heartedly recommend your service to any buyer looking for the best deal in real estate.

Mark and Kimberly, Woodstock, VT

Thank you, DISCOUNT-REALTOR®! You connected me with a very knowledgeable and competent real estate broker with decades of experience who also put over $4,000 back in my pocket with the purchase of my new construction home! I intend to share DISCOUNT-REALTOR® with anyone I know who may be buying or selling a home!

Brian, Coatesville, PA

I had a wonderful experience with DISCOUNT-REALTOR®! They connected me with a great, experienced, full-service agent who helped me save nearly $2,400 on the sale of my home! I would definitely recommend DISCOUNT-REALTOR®!

Cindy, Warwick, RI

We were extremely impressed with your services. We have bought a couple houses already in our relatively young lives, and your broker was by far one of the most professional and thorough REALTORS® we have had….and all for a reasonable rate! We greatly appreciate that. Thanks for all your work and persistent dedication.

Warren and Andrea, Edwards, IL

The service through DISCOUNT-REALTOR® was wonderful. Your broker contacted me promptly, and my home was sold in weeks in a very difficult market (and in a neighborhood where several homes stood unsold for over a year). Before using DISCOUNT-REALTOR®, I interviewed two other agents from popular local groups and, aside from having a much higher commission, they simply weren’t encouraging that my house could sell quickly. Your service is outstanding, and I would recommend that anyone preparing to sell their home check into DISCOUNT-REALTOR® before contacting any other agency. Again, I am so grateful for your help.

Mark, Indianapolis, IN

Much gratitude to DISCOUNT-REALTOR® for connecting us with an experienced and well-credentialed real estate broker who helped us sell our investment condo for the price we were seeking! And, he also discounted his commission to save us $3,250! We are so glad we used the DISCOUNT-REALTOR® service!

Stephen and Janice, Marlboro, NJ

We have been buying and selling houses for years. Yours is the best broker we’ve ever worked with — an outstanding real estate broker, wonderful, so nice and professional, and helped us so much! If we had found DISCOUNT-REALTOR® earlier in our lives, we would have bought and sold many houses with you!

Janet, Barhamsville, VA

I would love to recommend your service because without it I never would have found such a great REALTOR® on my own living out of state. I was grateful to save 1% on the commission, but I was ecstatic to receive such excellent service. Your service was quick in finding me someone in the area, and the quality of the service was unsurpassed. I recommend DISCOUNT-REALTOR® to anyone wanting to sell their home.

Lysbeth, Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Not only did our agent sell our previous home for full-price around Thanksgiving in less than a week, but he also helped us through the complex process of coordinating the selling of our buyers’ previous home in California with our new home that we purchased from a lender via a short-sale. Thank you for all your hard work and everything you have done for us!

Greg and Clara, Flower Mound, TX

Thank you, DISCOUNT-REALTOR®, for connecting me with a knowledgeable and experienced REALTOR® who had my back throughout the entire process and also saved me money with a discounted commission on the sale of my townhome! I would highly recommend DISCOUNT-REALTOR®!

Yvette, Philadelphia, PA

We got a rebate of almost $2,000 when we used an experienced DISCOUNT-REALTOR® real estate broker to purchase our new home! Your broker did a great job for us! DISCOUNT-REALTOR® is an excellent service that we strongly recommend to anyone buying a home!

Paul and Tammy, Raleigh, NC

We pocketed over $1,700 at closing for buying our first home! That completely paid for a brand new fence!

Shirley and Mitch, Frisco, TX

We saved over $1,800 by using DISCOUNT-REALTOR®! And, our home sold the second day on the market! Thank you, DISCOUNT-REALTOR®, for connecting us with a great full-service agent who helped us sell our home quickly and for top dollar!

Diane and Ken, Des Moines, IA

My DISCOUNT-REALTOR® agent was great! He is very experienced, does an excellent job of marketing, and has extensive knowledge of the our area! He helped us sell one home and buy another, all while saving us money with a reduced commission! Thank you, DISCOUNT-REALTOR®!

Natalie and Ryan, Spring / Cleveland, TX

Our agent did it all. We pocketed over $5,000 on our new construction purchase. I refer DISCOUNT-REALTOR® to everyone I know.

Herman, Irving, TX

The broker we used through DISCOUNT-REALTOR® was excellent! He was so nice, competent, and professional, with over 30 years of real estate experience! And, he saved us a lot of money with a discounted commission on the sale of one home and purchase of another home! We highly recommend DISCOUNT-REALTOR®!

Kate and James, St. Paul / Chisago, MN

Thanks for introducing me to your DISCOUNT-REALTOR® broker. He was a great REALTOR®, and everything worked out well. He did a great job introducing us to the various neighborhoods and showing us a lot of houses. In the end, we’re confident that we ended up with the right place! Thanks again!

Dave, Martinsville, NJ

Thanks to DISCOUNT-REALTOR®, we pocketed over $13,000 – nearly $5,400 with the sale of one home and $7,800 with purchase of our new home! We were thrilled with the excellent customer service of your agent and will definitely refer our friends and utilize DISCOUNT-REALTOR® for our future real estate needs! We highly recommend DISCOUNT-REALTOR® to anyone selling or buying a home!

Jeff and Cyndi, Dallas, TX

We saved $2,000 by using an agent in the DISCOUNT-REALTOR® network! We are glad we went through DISCOUNT-REALTOR® because they were able to put us in touch with a qualified agent who helped us close on our new house and share part of buyer agent commission with us.

Margaret and Richard, Spring, TX

Great agent! Thank you!

Terry, Manassas, VA

We pocketed over $3,000 for buying new construction!

Rosely, McKinney, TX

Our agent was great. I got a great discount on the listing fee from a very popular REALTOR® in my neighborhood!

Laurie, Austin, TX

Over the last 20 years, my biggest dream was to be able to look out the front window of my home and be able to watch the snow fall for the first time. Thanks to you I was able to do that last night.

Michael, Washington, IL

So happy to have found you! This was the easiest and best thing we could do! Thank you so much for an easy, stress-free process!

Diane, Galloway, OH

My full-service REALTOR® cut his listing commission in half for the sale of my investment townhome! Thank you, DISCOUNT-REALTOR®!

Brad, Glendale, AZ

Thank you, DISCOUNT-REALTOR®, for connecting us with such a wonderful agent! He was so great and dramatically cut his listing commission to save us a lot of money on the sale of our family’s home!

Sandi, Spokane, WA

We would recommend the agent we received through DISCOUNT-REALTOR® to anyone who is thinking of selling their home. We were very pleased with his level of service, experience with the real estate market and his professionalism.

Gloria, Ocala, FL

We received a rebate of $2,700 on the purchase of our investment property! Our appreciation to DISCOUNT-REALTOR® for connecting us with a great, experienced, very professional, and very knowledgeable real estate agent who helped us purchase this property and who shared a portion of his commission with us! I’m glad we found him for our last transaction! We intend to continue a win-win partnership with this agent to buy more properties in the future!

S.S., Telford, PA

In addition to saving us money by discounting his commission, our agent in the DISCOUNT-REALTOR® network went above and beyond to help get our home sold! Our agent took on the biggest challenge with the owner and the POA for the owner being out of state and out of country! He did above and beyond what a normal transaction demands. Our deepest thanks to our agent and DISCOUNT-REALTOR® for a wonderful service with stellar agents!

Lynne, Atlanta, GA

We did enjoy working with the agent from DISCOUNT-REALTOR®. She provided a superior service at a substantial savings on the sales fee. We will use her on the purchase and sale of any investment property in Sumter.

Ken, Sumter, SC

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