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Get Up to 1% Back!

Why use another agent when DISCOUNT-REALTOR® can provide you with the SAME full-service buying services – and also give you a rebate on your purchase?

Let us help put more money in YOUR pocket!

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DISCOUNT-REALTOR® Can Connect You with a:

Realtor and Couple Selling Home

  • Full-service, licensed real estate broker or agent
  • From a nationally and/or locally recognized real estate brokerage firm
  • Who wants to create win-win relationships with their clients, and
  • Can give you a buyer rebate* when you buy a home!
  • Including new construction!

And, if you use the same agent to buy and sell a home, we can also get you discounted listing fees!

How are DISCOUNT-REALTOR®‘s Real Estate Brokers and Real Estate Agents Different from Other Real Estate Companies?

DISCOUNT-REALTOR® has invested significant resources to build a large and robust network of experienced, full-service, savvy real estate brokers and agents around the country who “get it”.

The real estate brokers and real estate agents in our nationwide DISCOUNT-REALTOR® network are:

  • Happy Kid Moving Into New HouseFull-service! – Guide you through the entire process! They discount their commission, not their service!
  • Experienced! – Help ensure you get the best combination of service, commission structure, and price for your home!
  • Recognized! – From nationally and/or locally recognized real estate brokerage firms – most from national companies you know!
  • REALTORS®! – Members of the National Association of REALTORS® and your local MLS®!
  • Savvy! – Understand the importance of creating collaborative, win-win relationships with their clients!
  • The best of both worlds! – Full-service AND shared commissions!

Many other real estate companies who promote their buyer rebates:

  • Use inexperienced, unknowledgeable agents whose lack of experience and knowledge could negatively impact your transaction and ROI in a variety of ways
  • Do not offer FULL service – they discount their services in order to rebate a portion of their commission to you
  • Are flat-fee agents who are not incentivized to help you negotiate the best possible price for your home

What Buying Services Do Agents within the DISCOUNT-REALTOR® Network Offer?

Our experienced local rebate agent / broker typically:

  • Assists you with locating homes that meet your desired criteria, including:
    • Builder’s new construction (without hurting your ability to negotiate the best terms, upgrades, etc.)
    • Homes listed for sale by cooperating REALTORS®
    • Sometimes, homes that are not even listed for sale!
  • Arranges home showings for you
  • Accompanies you to see potential homes, providing valuable insight
  • Gives you competitive market information to help you make the best offer
  • Assists you with all contract negotiations
  • Helps you finalize all contractual matters

How Can DISCOUNT-REALTOR® Help You Get a Rebate?

House for SaleUnlike other REALTOR® agents and brokers, agents within the DISCOUNT-REALTOR® network have agreed to share a portion of their commission with buyers they represent! In most markets, our agents can give you up to 1% of the sales price back at closing!

What about New Construction?

Family in their New Construction HomeContrary to popular belief, it will NOT hurt your negotiating position to use an agent to represent you in the purchase of a builder’s home.

Many people think they can get a “deal” on the purchase of a builder’s newly-constructed home by not using a real estate agent / broker to represent them.

However, to avoid pricing inconsistencies, reputable builders offer the same prices to everyone – especially REALTOR® agents who bring them lots of buyers. Besides, the real estate commissions builders offer are reserved for licensed agents.

WARNING: If you visit or register with a builder without contacting us first, you may lose your chance to share a portion of an agent’s commission! Click here to find out why.

Does DISCOUNT-REALTOR® Have a Buyer Rebate Broker or Agent Near Me?

Yes, we do!

We at DISCOUNT-REALTOR® have developed a large and robust network of experienced, full-service, savvy brokers and agents who cover many thousands of cities around the U.S.!

Even if your city is not listed on our Markets We Serve page, we may already have a broker or agent in your city, or we can acquire one for you!

Take advantage of our stellar discount real estate services and buyer rebates!

Don’t hesitate to contact us today!

Testimonials and Reviews from Some DISCOUNT-REALTOR® Satisfied Buyers:

Rebate for New Construction!

Thank you, DISCOUNT-REALTOR®! You connected me with a very knowledgeable and competent real estate broker with decades of experience who also put over $4,000 back in my pocket with the purchase of my new construction home! I intend to share DISCOUNT-REALTOR® with anyone I know who may be buying or selling a home!

Brian, Coatesville, PA

Best Deal in Real Estate!

I just wanted you to know how happy I was with the service I received from both DISCOUNT-REALTOR® and the broker you provided to me. He was very professional and attentive, and we found a house and closed all in only about a month. And, thank you for pairing me with just the right person to do the job representing me as a BUYER, rather than the seller as is the usual case….and, of course, the commission rebate was icing on the cake! Thanks again. I would whole-heartedly recommend your service to any buyer looking for the best deal in real estate.

Mark and Kimberly, Woodstock, VT

Valuable Service!

DISCOUNT-REALTOR® helped put $3,250 in MY pocket when I used their professional, experienced real estate broker to buy a home! This is such a valuable service, and I would strongly recommend DISCOUNT-REALTOR® to anyone buying a home!

Dan, Bluffton, SC

Excellent Service We Strongly Recommend!

We got a rebate of almost $2,000 when we used an experienced DISCOUNT-REALTOR® real estate broker to purchase our new home! Your broker did a great job for us! DISCOUNT-REALTOR® is an excellent service that we strongly recommend to anyone buying a home!

Paul and Tammy, Raleigh, NC

Continued Win-Win Partnership!

We received a rebate of $2,700 on the purchase of our investment property! Our appreciation to DISCOUNT-REALTOR® for connecting us with a great, experienced, very professional, and very knowledgeable real estate agent who helped us purchase this property and who shared a portion of his commission with us! I’m glad we found him for our last transaction! We intend to continue a win-win partnership with this agent to buy more properties in the future!

S.S., Telford, PA

Found a Rebate Agent Where They’re Hard to Find!

What a valuable and beneficial service! Jacksonville is a place where a rebate agent is hard to find, and DISCOUNT-REALTOR® not only found us a rebate agent, but the agent is very good at what he does. He is a knowledgeable broker with decades of experience who helped us buy a home and shared his commission with us! We got a rebate of nearly $1,800 by using the DISCOUNT-REALTOR® service!

Zhangbo and Yi, Jacksonville, FL

Read more DISCOUNT-REALTOR® reviews from satisfied customers on our Testimonials page!

Why use another agent when DISCOUNT-REALTOR® can provide you with the SAME full-service buying services – and also give you a rebate on your purchase?

Use DISCOUNT-REALTOR®, and let us help you put more money in YOUR pocket!

For a no-obligation discussion of your buying needs, and to be connected with a nationally and/or locally recognized agent/broker who is a member of the National Association of REALTORS®, who can help put money in YOUR pockets when you BUY homes, just fill out the form below!

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Privacy Policy? It’s simple. We only ask for your contact information so we can communicate with you and connect you with one or more REALTOR(S)® who are interested in helping you put more money in your pocket when you sell and/or buy a home! We do not sell, rent, or disclose your information to any other third parties unless you authorize us to do so.

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