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How Much Can You Save?

Get Full Service AND Low Listing Fees with DISCOUNT-REALTOR®!

We don’t mandate any commission minimums for agents in our network!

So, the better your situation is for an agent, the HIGHER your commission discount is likely to be – putting more money in YOUR pocket!

Our Experienced, Full-Service Brokers / Agents:

  • Want to collaborate with you to create a win-win for you both!
  • Are prepared to discount at least 1/3 of their commission for you!
    And often more!

The Amount They Can Discount Oftentimes Depends on:

  • How quickly and efficiently your property is likely to sell, based on factors including:
    • Property location
    • Condition of the property
    • Listing price
  • Services provided
  • Time on market
  • Local market conditions / dynamics
  • Competition in your market
  • Rules of their brokerage
  • The individual broker / agent

Listing fees are typically split between the listing and buyer agents.
To help ensure that your home sells, the buyer agent commission offer must be commensurate with the property’s location, condition, and listing price, and competitive with the market.
Agents reserve the right to not accept listings which, in their opinion, are not likely to sell.

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